10 Best Grain-Free Dry Cat Foods – Part 1

If you are a responsible cat owner, then you should try to give your little Fluffy only the best, including the proper food. Sometimes the composition of the food is hardly understandable and it may be difficult to read the labels carefully. The price is also not an indicator of quality. Is the product for $30 really three times better than the one for $10? What if your cat just doesn’t like the food? In this case you have just thrown a lot of money down the drain! What are the indicators of good dry food? How to distinguish a high-quality product from the empty advertising slogans?

corm-cat1It may be quite difficult to get to the bottom of this question. Cat owners can spend a lot of time and effort choosing the best product for their pets. Let’s try to make it clear. Let’s start with the fact that there are different categories of food provided by different brands. Grain-free cat food is the most popular trend right now. The thing is that cats, unlike humans, are not accustomed to grain-based diets. Instead, their diet requires much larger quantities of essential nutrients and key amino acids. Cats need a lot of meat and vegetables to be strong and active enough to run and jump all over the house.

Some of the following brands are widely advertised on the Internet, so you may recognise them. The following top is based on customer feedback and food composition studies, as a truly high-quality cat food should always include the sources of meat protein, contain no offals or fillers, such as corn, wheat or soy (which is why this food is grain-free). It shouldn’t contain artificial ingredients and preservatives. Of course, each cat is unique and some of the foods may be unsuitable for it, especially if your pet suffers from food allergies or other diseases. In these cases, the choice of the food has to be consulted with a veterinarian.


Natural Balance

the best Hypoallergenic Cat Food Grain FreeThis cat food is highly valued by consumers, and is at the top of many western ratings. Products of Natural Balance don’t contain grains and other common allergens. It is suitable for cats at different life stages, and with different health problems.

Fun fact: the company also produces Natural Balance dog food and zoological food. That’s right, they make food for zoo animals!

Some note that the product packaging is not so bright and attractive compared to the other brands, but the content (and this is the most important thing!) absolutely compensates for that.


Wellness Core

the best Hypoallergenic Cat Food Grain FreeWellness Core focuses primarily on the inclusion of high-quality food ingredients (especially proteins), and other necessary and useful nutrients to help cats stay in a good shape. Each type of food contains five different types of meat, potatoes, cranberries and tomatoes as a source of antioxidants and phytonutrients.

Generally, consumers appreciate this food and give positive feedback, but some of them mention that the small size of the kibbles is not very suitable for adult cats.

Halo Spot’s Stew

the best Hypoallergenic Cat Food Grain FreeNot all of the products made by Halo are grain-free. They have a grain-free segment in the Spot’s Stew line. They use high quality ingredients, so this food has all the essential amino acids, vegetables and essential nutrients for the health of the cats.

Their customers are very positive about this brand, all of them that it is a food of high quality. Many claim that this food is exactly why their cats are so healthy and active.





the best Hypoallergenic Cat Food Grain FreeThis brand has a lot of admiring reviews on Amazon and other sites. It also has the highest places in different western ratings. Be careful, because not all products of this brand are grain-free, but they all contain meat in the first few ingredients, and they have all the key nutrients, enriched with Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, that improve cat’s digestion and keep its skin and fur healthy. However, if you are looking specifically for grain-free food, read the label carefully!

Grain-free food is suitable for both adult cats and kittens, which means it doesn’t need to be changed throughout pet’s life. Many consumers say they feed their cats Felidae all their lives and would never change the brand.


the best Hypoallergenic Cat Food Grain FreeInstinct has one of the shortest lists of ingredients that I have ever seen on a cat food’s bag, and all the words are clearly understandable to consumers. Furthermore, it has no fillers or soy. The food is formulated for all breeds and ages. Most reviews are positive, but the food may be unsuitable for finicky kitties and for those who have health problems (for example, if your cat is allergic to chicken protein).

The first ingredients in the list are chicken meal and chicken fat, then go tapioca and “natural chicken flavor.” I do not mind the tapioca (starchy cereals, made from cassava root, high-calorie and easily digestible food, widely used in tropical countries, contains almost no fat and protein and lacks gluten), but I would prefer that my cat ate something that has more meat, instead of chicken fat and a “natural flavor”. In addition, it is unclear how natural fragrance differs from the artificial.

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