Food for Diabetic Cats: Understanding food can save your cat!

There is always lots of speculation regarding the food that you must give to your cat. Some people say dry food is good for cats whereas some consider the wet food as the perfect diet for cats. But logically from the scientific point of view when you see, you will understand that basically the diet of the cat is dependent more on its health conditions.

You need to monitor the health of cat continuously, and pay a lot more attention to your cat if it’s diabetic. Yes, the cats can suffer from same complexities of diabetes just like humans. So you need to give your cat the diabetic cat food so that it becomes easy for her to recover.

Without compliance with certain feeding rules is almost impossible to cure diabetes. It is important to avoid exhaustion or obesity of your cat!

What should be the specification for the perfect cat food?

There are few things that you need to keep under observation when you are feeding a diabetic cat. You should first start working on the weight loss of the cat so that the risk is reduced to little extent, because the diabetes for fat cats is worse. You should consider the food that is high in protein and less in carbohydrate because cats can’t easily break the carbohydrates, unlike humans. So you need to make sure that the diet is rich in protein only.

What food is good?

diabetic cat foodThe best food for diabetic cat can be the one which is the by-product of meat which are generally not prefereed by the humans but are very good for pets. These meat by-products are far better than the simple diets like rice, grains, vegetables etc. The best food for diabetic cat is canned food, as per the recent researches show. This is because most of the canned food is rich in protein and contain less of carbohydrates.

You should stop giving the diabetic dry cat food because it is very hard for cats to digest food like that. Dry food also have the high carbohydrate contents. The best thing that can help your cat is the meat food; this makes it sure that they are getting enough of protein. There are several brands that offer the canned food for cats, which act are perfect for them.

You must excluded products that contain large amounts of sugar. There is fancy feast diabetic cat food which is one of the best cat food for the diabetic ones, because they are made with the best recipe taking into consideration the diet requirements of diabetic cat. It is the recognised brand name for the cat food, so it is very reliable and trustworthy to get this. Then there are several other brands like Hill’s, Royal Canin Food, which make the canned cat foods that are very nutritious.

How to diagnose diabetes in cat?

Diabetic Cat Food
Diabetes often occurs against a background of constant hormonal stress caused by estrus, pregnancy and birth of kittens. When diagnosed a high level of glucose in the blood and urine, veterinarian in most cases recommended sterilization. If the diagnosis is confirmed, the removal of the uterus and ovaries is mandatory.

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    My cat is 16 years old and has diabetes for three years. Twice a day, morning and evening, we are prick it insulin. Usually feed with boiled fish, boiled meat and wet canned products for cat. My cat is rather chubby, has shiny fur, and in my opinion, it is satisfied with life…