How to Choose the Best Cat Grass

Cat grass is sometimes referred to as catnip or kitty grass. It is a hypoallergenic cat food that is obtained from the shoots of some grain-plants like wheat, barley, oats and rye. Cat grass is fed to cats to help in the digestive system of the cat and to reduce hair balls. Cat grass may be grown in the homestead and sometimes in the house.

Hypoallergenic Cat Grass

What is required is to choose the appropriate kitty grass that suits the needs and the taste of your cat. Some cats cannot eat any other cat grass apart from the oats grass while others just feed on barley grass. It is advisable to first provide your cat with all the types of cat grass before establishing the type of cat grass that your cat likes most. Some people prefer cultivating a mixture of seeds in one tray if they have many cats.

Wheat cat grass is a type that is preferred by most cats and their kittens. The grass is very nutritious since it contains some important nutrients that include; amino acids, vitamins and some minerals. This grass contributes in to the health of a cat, it also provides nutrients for older cats that have arthritis and this grass also increases the life span of cats in general. The wheat grass is also known to sprout very fast and the grass reaches full maturity by the end of a week and the grass grows to a height of about 6 inches.

Oat cat grass is preferred by some cats over the wheat grass and the grass has a gently sweet taste when compared to the wheat grass. The grass is sometimes preferred because its grains are available at most grain stores and the grains take up to 5 days to grow. It is always recommended to grow oat grass in direct sunlight.

Barley cat grass is one of the oldest cultivated and it is sometimes available in the form of vitamins. This grass has very many elements that are useful in the body of the cat. This grass contains amino acids and some important enzymes that are very nutritious elements for your cat. This grass can grow up to a height of 14 inches.

Rye cat grass is known to have a smaller leaf-blade than the other types of grass. The grass is durable and can yield several crops in one tray. The grass is a good choice if you want to make a tray for your cat to feed on.

All the types of seeds are available at pet-food stores and can also be purchased online.